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Background webshop

Background webshop

Background webshop

Background webshop

1. Upload a background (like Bol.com)

One whole background image, like the one above.

What happens here is that you have one image as background. A tip: only do this during Christmas. It only increases the loading time, however it will give your webshop a cowzy feeling. If you decide to upload a background image use these settings.

A pattern as background

It has been popular for a while: patterns as background. Structures, brick walls, a pattern image connects to each side perfectly so the setting should be set to ‘repeat’. If you repeat a pattern horizontally and vertically it will create the structure itself. Like this:

1. Go to this website: www.subtlepatterns.com”.
2. Choose a pattern and download it.

3. Upload this image as follows:

So Top left and Fixed Repeat, the pattern will repeat itself and you have your background