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Banner 4

Banner 4

Banner 4

Banner 4

What settings can you regulate for banner 4?

1. Banner on / off

Determine whether you want to show the banner or not.

2. Upload banner image:

Upload your banner image: 285 × 270 pixels

Mobile: banner 4 Size: 355 × 190 pixels

3. Mobile: show banner 4

Show or don’t show banner 4 on mobile

4. banner 4 Color overlay

Give your banner 4 a color overlay. Super fancy. This gives it a color effect, or just to make it more dark, so your text will be better visible.

5. banner 4 Color overlay transparency

This is the transparency of the Color overlay on your banner 4. Choose between 100 – 0 %.

6. banner 4 text place

Do you want your text block in the centre, left or right?

7. Text color

Which color should the text in banner 4 have?

8. banner 4 title

This is the title that shows on banner 4. Do you want to use ‘enter’? Copy Paste this:


9. banner 4 text

This is the text that shows under your title on banner 4. Do you want to use ‘enter’? Use


10. banner 4 text

this is the banners ‘call to action’. Like ‘shop now’ or ‘click here’

11. banner 4 link

where should banner 4 link to?