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Homepage - the sections

Section 4: Banner grid

Homepage - the sections

Section 4: Banner grid

The banner grid originated from the need for variation in a theme. It consists of 4 banners in total and you can combine with 5 different layouts. You can see this here on the left.

Structure and dimensions

Here on the left you can see the structure of the different banner grids and the structure is indicated by the yellow circles. These represent banner 1,2,3 and 4. This way you can easily see how they are structured and you will be less mistaken if you adjust the layout of the grid.

The dimensions are also over the banners (left) so that you can easily copy them.

Standard options

The banner consists of the standard options:

  • Upload image
  • Subtitle
  • Textcolor
  • Title
  • Link text
  • Link

Extra options:

Image position

If you have an image, you can choose the image position in the banner. Suppose your banner image is actually a lot wider than the indicated size, then you can choose where the image should focus. Or which part (position) of the image must always be visible. Top left for example! Or center center, the banner image always positions itself in the middle of the banner!

Dark overlay

A dark overlay is a dark tint over your images so that the contract with a white letter works better. You can check it on / off.