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Banners homepage

Banners homepage

Banners homepage

Banners homepage

theme-Conversion Theme Conversion features a very versatile banner module. What can you do with these banners?

  • Upload an image
  • Upload an image for mobile phones (optional)
  • Change titles
  • Change text
  • Change title and text colours
  • Change text position (left, centre, right)
  • Change text alignment (left, centre, right)
  • Enable/disable button
  • Change button label
  • Change link

Order of the banners

Option 1: all off the five banners (1,2,3,4,5)

This option shows all the banners.

Option 2: Show 4 of the banners (1,2,4,5)

We made it very easy for you, as soon as you switch one of the numbers off or on, the other will adapt. theme-Conversion

Ain’t that super nice!

Option 3: One banner with the option to slider. (1)

If you remove banner 2, 3, 4 and 5 there will remain just one nice big banner. This is banner 1. And you can also use this one for the slider.

Option 4: 3 banners (1,2,4)

If you just switch on banner 1, 2 en 4.. you’ll see what happens. 3 nice banners.

Option 5: 2 wide banners (2 en 5)

Option 6: 3 banners the same size (2,3,4)

Tip: Try the different options and explore what fits you the best!