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Customer Service Section

Banner 4

Customer Service Section

A brand new customer service section on your homepage & collectionpage

Boost the relationship with your visitors with offering them full service. You can use this section for whatever you prefer ofcourse.

Check these examples (what you could use if for)

A quick guide for setting up this beautiful block

1. Upload image of your customer support.

Dimensions: 70 × 70 pixels. (this don’t have to be in a circle, we’re doing that for you :)

2. Show/don’t show image

Decide if you want to show an image or not. With no image it’s just a title and text.

3. Mobile: show customer service section

Choose wether to show this section on mobile, or don’t show.

4. Title

This is your title. For example: Customer service

5. Text line 1

First line of text in the Customer service section.

6. Link text

This is the second line of text. its a link, and it will get your ‘highlight color’. Something like: Contact us

7. USP 1

This is your first USP in this row.

8. USP 1 info text (*fun)

Do you want to show an extra text info popup with your first USP? Do it here. :)

9. USP 2 – USP 4

Do it like the first USP’s, make ‘em count.