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Daydeal homepage

Daydeal homepage

Daydeal homepage

Daydeal homepage

Day deal – Activate daydeal

Everybody loves a good deal.

This theme is not built to fully focus on deals, but one nice, subtle little deal can make a difference. :)

How does it work?

1. Mobile: show daydeal

Show the daydeal on mobile, or don’t show it.

2. daydeal article URL

Enter the URL of the article here. Cut and paste it from the browser. Only this part:

3. Daydeal – Color ‘button’

This is the color of the button of the daydeal – on your homepage.

4. Daydeal – Text in button

Place a catchy Call to Action here! Like ‘view product’, or ‘Take this deal’

5. Deal end date

This deal is not only suitable as a day deal. But you can set the end date here. Determine here what the end date of the deal will be. This can also be within 72 hours, whatever you want.

6. Insert your end date as follows: YYYY / MM / DD.

So: 2018/05/23 means that it is until the end (23:59:59) of that day (23rd). As soon as the banner expires, he shows the replacement banner below.

7. Daydeal replacement image.

When your daydeal has ended, or you simply have no daydeal. You can show an image, like a banner, or anything you’d like to show.
Dimensions: 570 × 270 pixels.

8. URL of the replacement banner

Enter the URL of the replacement banner here. Where to link it.