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Advanced + product settings

Extra product settings

Advanced + product settings

Extra product settings


Add labels to your articles:

To add a label to an article, you have to enable the 'extra data'. You do this at Lightspeed settings - Workflow - Extra data fields - enable.

Then you go to a product of your choice that you want to label:

Data 01: Color code and text for in labels. Example:

#333333, Our choice

+ plus and minus points of an article

A common feature that makes it clear to visitors what advantages and disadvantages the product has.

This is simple: Add 'plus' to specifications. And the plus point in the input field.

You do the same with min, add a specification and call it 'min'. See the example at the left. 



If you want to show a video on your product page, use data 03.


Data 03: Youtube video Example: