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Header settings

Header settings

Header settings

Header settings

Logo centered

Do you want your logo centered in the header? Choose Center logo.

Header color scheme

Just as with 'general colors' you can determine this separately for the header. Choose here: Dark Light. It then takes over the color settings of 'general colors' (light & dark). Do you want to give the header its own color? That can be done below :)

Transparent header

Do you want to make the header transparent where possible? So that it has no background color? This is possible here. This gives a super effect in Theme Repos because we use many images. The logo and header elements then fall over your images. Fat!

Custom color for your header?

Check this option and choose your color below it if you want to provide the header with its own color. So a color that differs from your chosen 'dark' or 'light'.

Sticky header desktop

Huh? What is that? That means that your header will stick to the top of your browser or not. Check it, check it out, and see what it does when you scroll in your webshop.