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Main header


Main header


Welcome to the header section. This has many options, but that makes it extra good!

1. Header color (upper part) + text color

Choose the color of the top header bar. (this is the upper part of the header, the middle part where the logo is always white)

See here what colors we mean exactly.

2. Header text links

Determine here the color of the header text on the left.

13. Filtre en stock!

Nouvelle fonction que nous avons mis au point: Laissez vos visiteurs facilement voir ce qui est en stock et ce qui ne pas :) Ne nécessite pas d’explications supplémentaires, nous pensons. Très cool!

3. Search bar text color

You can also adjust the text in the viewfinder, so decide for yourself how striking you want to make the text.

4. Background color bar

Determine the background color of the search bar

5. Header color from the edge of the search bar

Determine the color of the edge of the search bar

6. Header search bar icon color

Yes, even this is possible, you can also determine the color of the icon next to the text.

7. Header search bar background color icon

If the icon no longer stands out after changing the color, you can adjust the color of the square here.

8. Header line color (under USPs)

We prefer to keep it light gray, but if you want to change it in a different color then this is possible.

9. Header shopping cart icon and wishlist icon color

If you prefer to show the shopping cart in a different color (in the upper right corner of your shop), you can do this too. The wishlist also gets this color.

10. Show the wishlist (wish list) in the header

Not everyone wants to offer customers the possibility to keep a wish list so there is an option
not to show it in the header. You can adjust the color in the next step.

11. Wishlist icon color header

Choose the color for the heart on the right side of the top header.

12. Show Currencies

Do you want to show currencies in the top bar or not? Simply tick or uncheck them.

13. Extra text link at the top right of the header

Do you want to add an extra text link, for example as a referral to customer service? That is possible.