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Hero image

Hero image

Hero image

Hero image

The powerful hero image, completely under your control!

What settings can you make for each hero slide?

  • Upload an image
  • Upload an image for tablet computers and mobile phone (optional)
  • Change titles
  • Change text
  • Change title and text colours
  • Change text position (left, centre, right)
  • Change text alignment (left, centre, right)
  • Enable/disable button
  • Change button label
  • Change link

Enable/disable the hero image

Go to ‘design’ – ‘customize theme’ ‘HERO SLIDER.

Do not forget to ‘activate the hero slider’ here as otherwise no hero sliders will be displayed.

Is it active? Good, now go to SLIDE 1.

What if you do not want a HERO SLIDER? Simply disable it and proceed with the next steps.


You can upload the first hero slide here. You see 3 upload buttons; these buttons are for:

  1. Hero image for desktop ( afmeting: 2850 × 1000px )
  2. Hero image for tablet ( afmeting: 1535 × 1000px )
  3. Hero image for mobiel ( afmeting: 750 × 500px )

Regardless of the image you upload, you do not have to ‘photoshop’ text into it yourself. NB: this is possible of course! This feature can be found under ‘slider settings’.