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Hero image

Hero image

Hero image

Hero image

Hero image

A fantastic entry for your visitors. The hero image. Furnish it at your own discretion.

Boost your webshop with an ultimate hero image. Put it 'on' or 'off. 

Upload image 

Upload an image, we would suggest, that's at least 1200 pixels width. The height at least 700 pixels. You can upload it as big as you want. Lightspeed handles that stuff these days. Theme Repos is supporting the new Lightspeed 5K images. 

Image position

A great classic way to position your images. Here is the thing: 

  1. Check where ever the focus is in your image 
  2. Select that position in the dropdown
  3. See what happens. 

Let's say, there is a person in your image, and his/her face is in the left top position of your image, then you simply select 'top left'. So you'll never loose the focus in your hero image. You can perform this trick in any section on the homepage. 

Hero image mobile 

Hero image mobile An option to upload the hero image for mobile in a different (mobile) format. Dimensions: 415 x 600 pixels (average)

Hero image subtitle and title 

Basic stuff: fill in your subtitle and your title. Don't have a subtitle? Leave it blank. 

Choose between left, centered, right.

Hero image text 

This is the text that comes under the title.

First link text, second link text, first link and second link 

These are your text hyperlinks in your hero image. You can use: 

  • One
  • Two
  • None