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Theme Compete

Main menu settings

Theme Compete

Main menu settings

Show categories / navigation in horizontal menu

Show here if you want to show the navigation menu, or your categories. You will find navigation under 'design navigation menu'. Here you can create menu items.

Horizontal menu background color


Horizontal menu text color

Decide your text color of the menu.

Horizontal menu text color on hover

This is the color of the text hover in your main menu.


Clickable main menu items (horizontal menu)

Disable this option - if you want your main items 'not' clickable. (when for example there are no products in your general menu items)

Megamenu: active?

Megamenu: Show amount of subcategories?

In case you have a lot of subcategories, you can limit them per row. So they won't be too long. It finishes with a 'show all 'x-category'

Megamenu: show category count

Show have many products the main category has.

Dropdown background color


Dropdown text color


Dropdown background color hover

Not working for megamenu.


Dropdown text color hover

when hovering the dropdown textlink items, it will change into this color.