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Productpage options

Productpage options

Productpage options

Productpage options

The most important page of your shop: the PRODUCT PAGE :)

The procuctpagina has to be right. Take care of it properly. There are many options on or off. Here we put them all in a nutshell.

1. Show titles in ALL CAPS “on” / “off”

Displays the titles in caps

Reviews always visible

Want the review does not include a tab? Show them always, by turning it on.

Image zoom

If you want your visitors can zoom the image to full screen: turn on. :)

Show USP’s on your productpage

You have the ability to show 2 USP’s on your product page. These are among your Buy button! Use this well! Please note that these are the same everywhere, so use universal USPs. Not product-related.

Show stock

Easy: Show the stock (or not) of this product.

Show items with brand name and logo

Discount above or below the buy button?

Do you want to discount the reports above or below the buy button? For example: “Buy 2 and get 10% discount

Show actions on the product page

This option shows the ’share’ ’compare’ and ’wish list’ option with the product.

Show SKU (stock keeping unit), and article number on product page