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Productpage options

Productpage options

Productpage options

Productpage options

The most important page of your shop: the PRODUCT PAGE :)

We’ve made it so good, that customization is not necessary anymore. All you need to do is decide what to show and what not to show.

1. Show stock

Enable this and people will see the stock ammount of this product.

2. Show stock amount

Would you like to show the amount of products in stock?

3. Show brand

Activating this and the brandlogo will appear on the productimage

4. Show reviews productpage

Activate this if you want reviews overall on your productpage.

5. Show SKU

6. Show article number

7. Show wishlist

All the Same here: Select if you want, or don’t. :)

8. Extra textfield title

This is the title of an extra textfield. Use it for shipping or anything.

9. Productpage extra textfield 2 – text

Describe your shipping conditions here. It’s this block:

10. Productpage extra textfield – text 2

Need more text? Here you go.

11. Specifications

A nice extra in your specifications of a product. If you type ‘check’ of ‘cross’, we’ll show a cross or a check :)

So you can show the positive specs + the negative specs of a product. :) Super cool