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Productpage Options


Productpage Options

Product pages from DMWS are recognized by thousands.

Why? Because we are passionate about product pages, and we get just as much attention from us as the homepage. It happens here. The sale is made here. We list the options (not the standard options) for you here:

Image slider or images next to / below each other?

You have, in addition to the different options in dimensions, 2 types of product page images. See here on the left. In a slider, or next to / under each other. What do you prefer? Try them both out with your different image dimensions.

Pay direct button

A new functionality. If someone wants to pay immediately, he skips all the steps and goes straight to the checkout process. The button colors for these buttons can be arranged in 'colors settings'.

Variant buttons or a dropdown for variants

Choose between variant buttons or a dropdown. (also think how long your titles are, so check this out).

Extra data fields: 

Data 01: Kleurcode en tekst voor in labels. Voorbeeld: 

#333333,Coming Soon

Data 02: Tekstveldje met uitleg voor product. Voorbeeld:

Sizeguide,Lengte: 52 cm bij 116
mouwlengte: 41 cm bij 116
Rugbreedte: 24 cm bij 116

Data 03: Youtube video Voorbeeld: