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Features for the productviews in your store.

Theme Performance comes with a lot of features regarding the productviews in your store. We’re going through them one by one.

Productviews in your store:

The options:

1. Price color

Choose the color of the price under a product

2. Label design

How do you want your labels to look like? Like circles or like some kind of arrow? Pick one and have a look.

3. Sale label color

This is the color of the little square that has the text “sale”

4. New label color

This is the color of the new label. Use your identity color, or green. Or… whatever you prefer.

5. Show stars

Easy peasy. Show stars or not.

6. Show quicklook on hover

Opens a popup with a quicklook functionality. Only on desktop.\

p (banner tip). Note: The quickview option does not coincide with point 9: thumbnails on hover. (see below)

7. Show description

Show the short description of your product in the collection views. Keep it really short!

8. Show thumbnails or the second image of the product if you are hovering?

When hover, show the second main image (bigger). It also shows two thumbs on the left. How cool is that. Which one you prefer?

9. Show wishlist icon on hover

This shows our magic wishlist icon on hover on products.

10. Bigger images

Activate this one if you have larger images.
(more height).

11. Larger images

This option gives images more body. They become a bit longer and wider.

12. Show buy buttons with numbers

Yes, it is finally a fact. Direct purchase from collection level. With numbers.