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Hero image

Slider settings

Hero image

Slider settings

What settings can you make for each hero slide?

  • Upload an image:*
    Upload your image in the right size, as discussed in the previous step.
  • Upload an image for tablet computers and mobile phone (optional)*
    Upload the images for a tablet and mobile phone (if you want). Why? Because it looks even better.

Hero slide text place & text allign

Where do you want to place the text in the image? On the left, in the centre or on the right? This is the text place step. Text align means that you want to align the text to the left, centre, or to the right. Play around with this and try things out.

Change title

This is the title for your slider. Use a catchy phrase here.


This is the text which is displayed under the title.

text colour and text background

Choose the colour for the title and text here. Do you want a translucent dark box behind your text? If so, enable ‘text background’. This ensures that the text is always easily legible because it appears in a box. The example below illustrates this:

The link text and button

The next thing is the link text, e.g. ‘ORDER NOW’ or ‘VIEW COLLECTION’. Choose a catchy text and enter the URL for the link destination.
Do you want to display a button with this text in it? If so, enable the ‘button’. The colour is set automatically in ‘colors’.

That is pretty much everything you can do with a hero image. Try it a few times; you’ll find it easier with practice.