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Changelog 1.1.5


  • New feature: You can now activate a second image to show when hovering over products!


  • Bugfix: There was an issue with the filters on collection page with infinite scroll. This is now resolved.
  • New feature: We have added a compact category view 
  • New feature: You can hide your category description for catalog categories  
  • New feature: When using the mega menu, you can now display your category image instead of a static banner.
  • Coming soon: Second image when hovering over products!


  • Bugfix: Center logo now shows largers (more width)
  • New feature: Round corners in whole webstore as an option 
  • New feature: Use buttons instead of textlinks on homepage   
  • New feature: Trustmark logo in header 
  • New feature: Yotpo & Loyalty Lion 
  • New feature: Video in hero image
  • Coming soon: Labels


  • Bugfix: Center logo goes perfect now with hero image, full screen
  • Fix: Blogpost long titles are shorter now in Breadcrumbs
  • Fix: more possible width for center logo 
  • New feature: Larger fonts in hero image 
  • Fix: mobile menu now says: Menu (instead of Choose your category)
  • New feature: USP's show or hide on productpage
  • Fix: Position of text on servicepage is now second. 
  • Bugfix: Position of text on categorypage is now an option
  • Fix: Blog button 'discover now' is now a standard translation
  • Fix: Category images are also clickable now on homepage and overview pages
  • New feature: Upload hero image for mobile



  • Bugfix: Continue shopping on /cartpage is now functioning
  • Bugfix: Mobile cart 'add to cart & Continue shopping' button now have the same width
  • Fix: 'Back to overview' now takes the bodytext color
  • Bugfix: Fixed some header settings in dark color scheme on mobile
  • Bugfix: Menu items were overruling the background image
  • Bugfix: When centered logo in header setting is on, the hero image's height is fixed
  • Bugfix: 'Erase all filters' button's hover was white on white, now fixed
  • New feature: Change menu font in 'normal' (caps is standard)
  • New feature: Fill images option is added in 'general settings'
  • New feature: Short description on productpage now breaks off with ... dots
  • New feature: Change menu font in 'normal' (caps is standard)
  • Fix: Changed most of the bodytext fontsize in 15 instead of 16, more elegant
  • New feature: Free shipping amount is now showing in cartpage
  • Bugfix: Fixed a header problem on dark headers, it was showing a white border
  • New feature: Hide service button in menu 
  • New feature: USP's in header (4 Usp's with color settings for USP bar)
  • Bugfix: Brands logo was showing in header image, not anymore 
  • Bugfix: (Long) Variantname was overruling amount section in /cartpage
  • Bugfix: Staffles are not showing in mobile productpage
  • Fix: Removed grey block in /cartpage
  • Bugfix: Product.stock.level bug on productpage, now fixed
  • Fix: Changed 'OK' into 'Abonneer' in the newsletter opt-in in the footer
  • Bugfix: Title was hidden on 'add review' page
  • Fix: Some styling issues with 2 links on one row (in sections) 
  • Bugfix: On Contactpage, the 'send' button was blank, text was hidden
  • Fix: Showing one location now has a better design
  • Bugfix: Danish flag is added now
  • New feature: .mp4 file video in your hero image
  • New feature: Center all typographic content 
  • Fix: Decreased fontsizes from Instagram subtitle & Title product in cartpage
  • Bugfix: Added 3rd layer navigation to mobile menu, mega menu & collection menu
  • Fix: Added a setting in homepage settings: Show instagram & blog only on homepage