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This is the Top bar in your web shop interface. The following settings are available.
h2. Topbar colour

This is the background colour for your top bar.

Top bar text colour

This is an interesting one. Choose ‘light’ for white, choose ‘dark’ if you use a light tint for your top bar. The program automatically selects the colour that has been configured for the body text.

Adding content to the top bar:

Telephone number

If you want to display your telephone number clearly in your web shop to encourage visitors to contact you directly by telephone, you simply enter your telephone number here not required? Leave this field empty and it will not be displayed.

2. USP in the topbar

This is a text string*that you can use for everything. You can change it easily. If you do *not enter anything here, * no* USP will be displayed.

3. Show compare

Lightspeed offers visitors the ability to compare products. Enable this feature if you want visitors to be able to switch directly to their comparison page.

4. Show currencies

This feature allows you to display currencies in your web shop.

1. Enabling this feature displays a € symbol for each price. If disabled, no € symbol is shown for the prices.
2. Have you configured multiple currencies? If so, the software shows the active currencies here.
3. Just leave it * enabled* if you want to show euro symbols.
4. Obviously the programme does not show currencies if they have not been configured in the back-end.


Languages are displayed automatically if you have configured them in the back-end of Lightspeed.