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The typography you use for your web shop determines your basic design. Use clear, attractive fonts which everybody can read easily.
Use one consistent font for your titles and one consistent font for your body text. You can view the complete collection on https://fonts.google.com/

Go to ‘design’ – * ‘personaliseer thema’ (customise theme)* and then to ‘TYPOGRAPHY’.

If you want to select a font, simply choose one of the different Google fonts.
You can easily modify the font by selecting one of the options in the drop-down menu.

Fonts for Headings/Titles

Select the fonts for all the headings (titles) in your web shop here. Example of a title:

Font colours for Headings/Titles

Select the font colour for your headings/fonts here.

You use this facility to select the colour for all the titles in your workshop

Font size

Go to ‘design’ – ‘personaliseer thema’ (customise theme) and then to ‘TYPOGRAPHY’.

You can easily change the font size. Go to ‘body font size’ where you can increase the font size by choosing a larger “corps”.