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Choose your fonts

The typography of the webshop is the basis of your design. We recommend that you use clear and clean fonts that everyone can read well. The titles may stand out, always choose a calm, clearly legible letter for the body text. We work with Google fonts for optimum performance, here you can view the entire collection and make a nice combination between your favorite fonts. https://fonts.google.com/

Titles (Google Web Fonts)

Now choose your favorite Google Web Font for all the titles in your webshop. When you have made a choice, simply click on choose in one of the different Google fonts. You can easily change it by choosing one of the options from the dropdown menu.

The weight of the titles

Do you like bold letters, or do you like it better when a title is displayed in a slimmer form? In our theme you determine this yourself. In our pre-sets we work with different font weights to indicate what it looks like.

Body text

And of course you can also set your own desired fonts for the body text.

Center all your typographic content

Here you can center the main typography. Instead of left aligning. This is mainly about titles in the headers.