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Vertical menu: options


Vertical menu: options

Kies voor: Vertical menu

Go to ‘design’ – ‘customize theme’ and to MENU STYLES:

Vertical menu options

The choice is simple: Do you want the menu falls down? Then choose accordion. You want the menu opens to the right? Then choose To the right

Extra horizontal menu

Here, select ’on’ or ’off’.

Show ‘payments’ / ‘pay logos’ in additional menu

Check this ‘on’ if you want to show the payment logo’s in the additional menu

How to make this additional menu?

This is very simple. Go to your dashboard:

Go to ‘design’ – ‘navigation’ and add a New menu – in the top right. Call this menu: Extra menu.

You can fill this menu by creating menu items. Get to the items you want, and give them the appropriate links. You can choose from pages, or URLs.